Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Privacy advocates speak up. 

Should the government have access to private firms data?

Heck no! My privacy is my right! Cripes our world is quickly becoming Minority Report. This is already to much .. 

A 1996 federal law called the Electronic Communication Transactional Records Act regulates data preservation. It requires Internet providers to retain any "record" in their possession for 90 days "upon the request of a governmental entity."

Back when I was 15 ECTRA was passed. I just started producing false logs of my activity. My computer is my house. Do you like peeping toms? That's how I feel about privacy. Little secret... anyone who is a terrorist and is smart enough to use a computer would route there data through black servers around the world. I honestly think the next strike against the US will not be a physical attack but computer attack. One good virus can bring the US to it's knees. Game over.


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