Friday, September 08, 2006

So what happened to getting Al Qaeda?

NY Times Article about the security focus in the U.S.

Well it looks like there going to focus more on the "Growing" cells of smaller more militant terrorists. Reminds me of when we invaded Afghanistan looking for Osama then went into Iraq saying Saddam had everything to do with it. So where are those Weapons of Mass Destruction again? So now that the whole thing in Iraq is settling in the style of US foreign muckary (South America and Southeast Asia just to generalize regions of where our footprints have been) and of course gas prices are going down (Hi Halliburton! I should have invested in you on 9/10/01) what's next? Let's turn the US military and all of our "Other forces" into The Ghostbusters and do a little ghostbustin'! I think Iran has a ton of ghosts to go after. Maybe even that Hugo one down in Venezuela?

Mission Accomplished .... ?


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