Sunday, July 16, 2006

The Conservative Artist. 

An Uprising on the Right in a World That Leans Left

I think it's easier for the majority of conservatives to get talk radio or a book. Those are generally a free/cheap way to become informed but at the same conservatives should also become more aware of what's going on within the arts community. Have you seen Michael Moore Hates America? The movie was really funny. It was in the style of another Moore film Roger and Me (which I liked). You think other bloggers have seen this movie? Or Rush limbaugh?

As an artist I guess politically I'd consider myself ... nothing. That's why I do abstract art.  

Edited post 7.19.2006 : I think might be doing some art based on current events soon on this blog but no Warhol cloning Bush stuff or a abstract tank attacking the white house.

I just want you to think and expand your mind a little more. 


Blogger RC said...

interesting thoughts, i'd love if you shared some of your art on your blog, but of course, i'd also understand why you'd choose not to.

--RC of

10:45 PM, July 18, 2006  

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