Monday, April 03, 2006


I was posting on The Port today about a Brasilian restaurant I really like and I thought about my favorite drink Caiprinha. It's a nice cocktail to enjoy just about anytime of the year but especially in the summertime. The drink is real easy to make.

1 lime

2 ounces of cachaça

Sugar to taste

Ice cubes

Wash the lime and roll it on the board to loosen the juices. Cut the lime into pieces and place them in a glass. Sprinkle with the sugar and crush the pieces (pulp side up) with a pestle (Or something to break it up a bit) just enough to release the juice but not too much or you'll make it bitter. Add the cachaça and stir to mix. Add the ice and stir again.

Ok now your thinking .. what the H is cachaça? It's like Brasilian rum and you can get it here or maybe World Market/BevMo. You can also experiment with other types of liquor for something new and interesting.


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