Saturday, March 11, 2006

So. First saturday off from work in a while and I'm taking it all in stride. Well I might have a few satudays off for while without a job to go. 

Surplus. That's why I was let go apparently. It's nice that your reduced to a number with a SS# and numbers to clock in and check your bank statements. Further reduction implies "Feeling more like a formula" and "less human" when they gave me notice on Thursday. I had two choices from my former District Manager at that point. 

1. Work out my 2 weeks notice. 
2. Not work and get paid for 2 weeks. 

My last day was yesterday from Merrill Corporation based in the Newmeyer and Dillion law firm. Bittersweet it was. I didn't care for my job as much as I loved the people. I wish companies would realise this. It's all about the people. Treat them well and they shall do the same for you. I figure I'll go in and tie up some loose ends next week. Another chapter in my life is over. I'll miss the people but I promise I will not be a stranger. 


Anonymous Beth said...

Alex!!!!! I miss you!!!! I didn't even know you were leaving!!!!! Okay, am I misusing my exclamation points or what! Oops, did it again.

This is Beth . . . cool blog site! Keep in touch okay - I'll send you an e-mail on your address you left us in your goodbye e-mail. Talk to you soon!

11:43 AM, March 30, 2006  

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